Yoga and movement for getting in your body, waking up, and learning to transform through kindness and self-care.

All bodies welcome!



Hi, I'm Whitney and I offer movement coaching for people that feel disconnected from their bodies and hearts and want to live a life filled with meaning.

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How our bodies are like our communities and the world:
⚡️It’s a big organism made up of lots of smaller moving pieces.
⚡️When there is discontent or pain in one part, it affects the effective function of the whole.
⚡️If you ignore the pain/discontent, it does not go away, it usually gets worse.
⚡️There is constant unseen movement happening within your body/community.
⚡️Showing up in your body/community with curiosity and kindness will foster healthy change.
⚡️Your joyful actions have impact.
⚡️Old patterns of injury can be released and repaired when the parts work as a whole.
⚡️Healing happens with small, consistent steps.


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