I'm Whitney and I offer movement and self-care coaching for resilience, and as a grounding remedy for living in this busy modern world.

Yoga began as a practice of meditation and mindfulness in India centuries ago. The way that I teach yoga as a white lady today, is to honor its roots and create a home for awareness and wisdom to grow through movement in your body. When we have a foundation of self-knowledge, we are much better equipped to generously express our voices and hearts to the world. 

I've found refuge in movement for as long as I can remember. I'm actually not super coordinated, or naturally strong. When I was introduced to yoga as a teenager (by my first boyfriend's mother), it opened a door into mystery and wonder and gave me the physical tools I needed to ground this curiosity in my body.


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I am grateful to my teachers and mentors who have guided my yoga and movement practices as they has evolved over the years. Denise Benitez, Jos HoubenChristina Sell, Darren Rhodes, Katy Bowman and Char Sundust have called me to stand in my heart and use my body to speak what I know. They have reminded me that it's my job to pass my gifts to the younger generations.

These days I'm exploring the intersection between healing justice and compassionate embodiment as we walk our individual paths towards collective liberation. Movement (and lack thereof) is a crucial part of the way we show up for each other. It's my hope that the practice of yoga (and other movement practices you do) will give you the tools to pause in discomfort, know your worthiness, and speak your truth from a grounded and clear body.

I live in the pnw where I mother 2 young boys, teach yoga and movement, write, make quilts, pump iron and read as much as possible.

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