Unlock Your Potential

This month I’ve been teaching classes that explore the theme of peace. Using the physical practice of yoga to enforce a harmonious relationship with yourself - to practice in a way that nourishes and sustains you. To enter into a relationship with something greater than your busy self (that’s what that microsoft ad campaign is about right?). To slow down, really pause and be open to the moment. It is freaking hard.

Every day I say (sometimes aloud) I surrender to the power of grace. Which as I write it reminds me of the saying, “let go and let God”. I *can’t* believe I just wrote that. I wasn’t brought up with a religious framework. In my adolescence I resisted “God” for being too male-centered and seemingly too concerned with punishments. I still can’t shake the image of an old man with a long grey beard sitting on clouds, but I have come to peace with the word.

What I am learning is that there is another step. Part of making peace is to start right where you are and be willing to be there, however uncomfortable it may be. With greater awareness, very often the solution readily available, but instead of listening to the voice of our higher selves, we ignore it. We push, pull and fight for a vision that isn’t grounded in reality and inevitably that leads to disappointment.

It’s the same in yoga. Start where you are. Listen for the whispers of your greater wisdom. Be willing to take a risk. Follow the cues and unlock the great lakes of serenity within.

Peace is the Ay