Peace and pride

Last weekend was the grand opening of the new Seattle Yoga Arts space and the Seattle Pride parade. I taught more classes than I have in a while. As you know, I’ve been investigating the theme of peace and how to increase it in the world via yoga. 

What I’ve discovered this month is that creating peace is a practice of constant remembering. 

This is something that I have been working on when I teach, remembering to surrender, over and over. I like to plan, I most always have a plan of one sort or the other, which appeases the beast of knowing. So my own making peace is a letting go of my idea of how things are, what I think I should do there, and stepping out from the heart of who I really am. 

As the month went on I thought, this again? It’s challenging to think of new ways to access the same place. But then again, maybe it’s not so much about the newness but more about the renewal of concious action, the consistent return to the breath, to the Universal Principles of Alignment, and to the subtleties of expansion and contraction all around. 

I told one of my classes this week, “well thankfully, this will be the last time we practice for peace, wink wink”

Go on, go in. <3

Joan Jett and courage

Rest. What I’m working on to heal a shoulder that just endured a heck of a week.