Joan Jett and courage

Do you have advice for women today who want to rock?

Yeah: have no fear. Fear is the single most destructive emotion we have. Fear holds you back. Fear will stop you dead in your tracks. Have no fear, and go for it no matter what. Don’t let anyone stop you from your dream. Bottom line: believe in yourself. There is nothing that you can’t do. It might take 35 years [laughs], but if you believe it in your heart, there is no way you can fail.”

From an interview in Bust magazine

With inspiration from Joan Jett, this month in practice theme I will explore the heart of courage.


1. The quality of mind or spirit that enable a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

2. Obsoletethe heart as the source of emotion.

aka: fearlessness, dauntlessness, intrepidity, pluck, spirit. 

To believe in ourselves, first we have to know where we are. So take a sec and soften to the moment. Listen to what your heart has to say. Our hearts need validation in pain as well as joy. In this recognition of what’s happening right now, a door opens. And maybe, with great heart, it’s possible to move towards that door, perhaps eventually through it, one small step at a time.

"practice. and all is coming"

Peace and pride