When the going gets tough

Here’s the thing. This path of yoga is hard. And I’m not talking about the burning that happens in this headstand to crow demo I did with my dear friend Brigette. It’s hard because yoga asks me to look within myself and find the good. To look so deeply and patiently that I can uncover what I am truly made of.

I’m in Tucson doing my 5th week of Anusara yoga training this year. No kidding. This yoga mission I’ve embarked on is serious business. In addition to learning about teaching, I’m confronting my habitual learning patterns on a daily basis, my role in a group and how to filter information so that it becomes my own, so that I can use it to help my students back home in their transformation.  

This morning was a particularly intense day. The theme of the class was, what is it that you revolve around, what is your true center? Every time I’ve been to Tucson, we do these kind of investigations - what is most important to you? what are your deepest desires? what keeps you from acting on those desires? what is the price of not acting on them? And then I return home full of spirit and determination and know that I have to make a big change. That I have to let something(s) die so that there is space for me to move into this full vision of mine.

Currently I teach 7 public yoga classes a week. I’m honing in on my vision which is that I want to teach yoga full time. 

Since this is a Teacher Training, we only do about an hour and a half of asana practice a day. Today during lunch Brigette and I were practicing handstands, headstand drop-overs and then starting to work towards Viparita Chakrasana, handstand tick-tocks. (That’s when you jump from down dog to a handstand, lower to a backbend, then jump back to a handstand and lower back to down dog). It’s a pretty wild feeling in that moment when the feet might come off the floor. I tried a bunch of times with full effort (not to be confused with focused effort). Even though I could barely get my feet off the ground, got a headache from not breathing and had to leave the room so that I didn’t publicly scream in frustration, I learned something. 

Every effort counts when made in service of awakening.

Here is something super inspiring to chew on. 

Gimme a Break!

"practice. and all is coming"