Go like the Lotus

I’m in Teacher Training in Tucson this week and we have been teaching each other asana in the morning. I really wanted to teach the group this morning, but I didn’t get the chance. So as if we were in a class:

The teachings of yoga tell us that within all of us lies the greatest good and the deepest beauty. Yoga reminds us that although we go through darkness again and again, we are like the lotus flower in that we emerge, also again and again to reveal the beauty of our own unique expression.

In my life, there have been many occasions where I have for brief moments connected with that beauty. It’s like visiting the MOST beautiful place you’ve ever been. From there the world around is brighter. This week in training, we are cultivating this place within us and moving toward it with aplomb.

Despite your reluctance, your anxieties, and fears about going to a (possibly) unfamiliar place, as a child of infinite consciousness, it is one of your gifts. You can go there whenever you like. The question is how. How to sit into the beauty that is the natural state of your being.

Get quiet and listen. Yield to the beat of your own heart. How it pulses in the darkness. You are teeming with the potential to awaken. Tune in with every cell. Like the lotus flower emerging from darkness to the light, root your pelvis down.

If you want to try this with your body check this out: Notice if your knees float above your hip bones. If they do, sit up on a cushion or blanket until your knees are below them. One at a time, hold your thighs and reverently turn them in, back, and apart. In Anusara yoga, this is called Inner or Expanding spiral, because of it’s effect on the back body. You can actually use your thigh bones as tuning forks to get deeper into the seat of listening. Then scoop your tailbone towards the depth of the earth, lift your low belly and then your heart. Use your thumbs in your hip creases to spin your thighs away from one another. This is called Outer or Contracting spiral because it firms and closes the back of the hips, stabilizing your seat. Sit up tall. Follow your breath sweetly and steadily as it leads you into the exquisite beauty of your heart. 

If and when the self-criticism begins, treat it like an elderly relative that is afflicted with Dementia. They may not remember to keep your best interests at heart. You can listen with a half-lidded peaceful smile and feigned interest. Say “Mm Hmm, thanks” and then let it go, as you would the meanderings of an addled mind.

Peace on your way.

<3 Whitney

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