An Invitation

Yo. This is me breaking my unintentional blog-fast. After a certain amount of time not writing, just like not practicing asana, the absence itself acquires some kind of meaning that makes the practice even harder to re-ignite. So I am deliberately just getting out something so I can continue with the process. 

Today is the second to last day of my Anusara Teacher Training with Christina and Darren. This morning we were talking about what our message is as a teacher. This is something that I have been ruminating a lot in the past year of my coming to Tucson. And something that I have been wanting to put into words for a long time before that, but haven’t had the words until now.

Heaven knows that my whole life is a process-just ask anyone who has spent any amount of time with me. From dental health to fat suits to uncovering my heart. Which brings me to the mission. So far what I’ve come up with is this: My mission is to inspire and empower my students to awaken. After I told the class that, Christina posed me the question: have you awakened yourself? I thought, no! wait, Yes! wait, no! and in that I understood something more about my mission.

The actual awakening is not a static event, not for most of us. Not like the bolt of lightning that I once thought would strike and forever imprint my ability to remember who I really was. Instead, awakening is a process of engagement in life. In the art of skillful questioning and listening, of discovering your blindspots and then illuminating them(as Natacha said in class today) there is the opportunity to know yourself deeply and awaken your expression of that knowledge. Again and again.

In Anusara Yoga philosophy (now called Shiva-Shakti Tantra, fyi) this is one of the highest reasons to practice yoga. To cultivate a deep knowing of ourselves (Chit in Sanskrit) and to express our unique presence more fully (Ananda in Sanskrit). If there was only a singular point of awakening then we would judge ourselves (as spiritual aspirants) too harshly for not already arriving there. Luckily, what I care about more is creating an environment here, within, that is tuned for the authentic self. So that in each moment that you are fully present in your power, your voice, you strengthen the probability of it happening again.

My mission is about inviting people into the process of awakening and empowering them to continue towards a deeper relationship with themselves to the end of living a more joyful, healthy and connected life.

In light,

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