Bliss - a dedication

This is Bliss and me circa 1997, at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island. It was a super magical summer that we met working as counselors, but I hadn’t seen or heard from her in years until a few months ago when we reconnected through our mutual love of yoga in Tucson. We spent an afternoon catching up and it was like no time had passed. I found out that she has been living outside of Bowie, AZ for some 6 years studying Tibetan Buddhism at Diamond Mountain University. It is so nice to re-encounter an old friend and have the relationship seamlessly become relevant again. She is one of the brightest spirits that I have ever met.

Right now Bliss is on the eve of an enormous adventure. On Dec 30 she, along with 38 others, will begin a 3-year silent meditation retreat for peace. She (with great friends) has built a cabin for herself and has rigorously prepared for this. Myself, I’ve been meditating irregularly for around 10 years. I’ve tried a zillion different kinds of meditation, never really settling on one until recently. I’ve been thinking so much about her in the last weeks, and wanting to do something for her, but not sure what. Then it came to me. 

Hi Bliss!

After much reflection, I’ve thought of something that I would like to offer you on your journey. In honor of your efforts for peace, your amazing dedication and preparation, I would like to join you by meditating every day for 1000 days. Under the auspices of the full moon lunar eclipse winter solstice and blog readers as my witnesses, I make this commitment to you and all of your fellow travelers. May it be blessed. 

So much love,


This magic moment

An Invitation