getting big

Question of the day: what would it take for you to get big? Let me break it down (insert beats here). To get big, you need a vehicle. Could be anything that's happening in your life. For years my vehicle has been my yoga practice, and now it's also the practice of conscious parenting. Yoga is about moving from the small self to the big Self. The lineage of yoga tells us that the big Self is the true self, and it's made from goodness. Not good deeds, or good as opposite of bad, but the good that is like unconditional love. This Self resides beneath the veils of unworthiness, separation, and fear of death. It is strong, but sometimes hidden by those three  show-stoppers. They will try to abate the real you and trick you into thinking you are small. Tuck those heart-breaks into your back pocket and walk in style. Those death-defying sadnesses, "failures" and tough choices help make us who we are.

For me, the task of getting big is a huge challenge. It feels like opening my eyes underwater (except it's not water, it's mud) and trying to swim for air. And I'm not in the middle of a big heartbreak right now. Just the routine sleeplessness of a new parent. The dance of routines and broken routines. But I have insatiable hunger for the bigness of life. I'll do whatever it takes to stay awake through this amazing show.

In love,



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