How to find a yoga that works for you

Hi! It's recently come to my attention that some people may want to try yoga but are nervous or reluctant about how to go about it (not to mention the rumors of farting and moaning). Here is a quick guide to find a class and/or teacher that works for you. 1. Ask around. You probably have a friend that loves yoga. Ask them what they like about their class, their teacher, and how they feel afterwards. Google yoga in your area.

2. Read the class descriptions, call or email someone that works at the gym or studio. Unfortunately there is no standard on what a class of a certain title will entail, even in the same location. Questions to ask: What level is this class? Will there be music? What is the style of the teacher? Mellow? Athletic? Alignment focused? Do I need to bring my own mat/water/towel? How big is the class usually? It's important to understand what the goal of the class is. A get-your-sweat-on class is going to be really different from a nourish-and-nurture-with-music class. This may be obvious.

3. Web-search the teachers' bios. With the amount of different styles of yoga these days, teachers are getting into branding. Branding is a way to distinguish one yoga fish from another. This works for you because it will help you get a feeling of what a teacher is about and if s/he would be a good fit for what you are looking for. There are tons of good teachers, a handful of excellent ones and a few that are bad news.

3. Choose a class and bring a friend. Always inform the teacher if you have any past or ongoing injuries and/or pain. Be curious about what is new. Part of yoga is learning about the difference between harmful pain and growth pain. Don't hurt yourself in your first class. Even if the teacher asks nicely. If you don't understand something, look around or ask later.

4. Talk about it! Did you feel welcomed? Did you connect with the teacher? How was the vibe of the class? What worked for you? What parts did not work? Did it make you want to return or run fast the other way?

5. Try another one.

Yoga is a strange and wonderful doorway into growing your self-awareness. It's not for everyone. But if you already feel called to it, don't give up right away.

Ask me! I'm here.



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