46 days of yoga. Day 6

Much of the afternoon today I was preparing for this weekends teacher training. We are almost finished with the first program which focuses on deepening practice. So for my practice, I did the sequence I am going to teach tonight. It ended with a chorus of, "mama all done" and "mama's eyes closed. Mama open eyes" poke face poke face. Here's what we did:supine breathing supine twist kapalabhati pranayama childs pose-plank-cobra flow plank kapalabhati anjaneyasana - parsvottanasana plank kapalabhati bhujangasana - AMS - Navasana low with kapalabhati x3 vira II goddess stance prasarita padottanasana w/arms interlaced behind skandasana R- twist lunge R - skandasana L - twist lunge L donkey kicks salabhasana eka pada bhekasana eprk prep upright eprk prep thigh stretch ninja warrior at wall w/backbend AMS Urdhva D supine twist janu sirsasana agni stambasana nadi shodana savasana


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