Day 12. letting it go

Today brought a lot of wonders and challenges. The sunrise this morning was amazing. By the end of the day, I was really ready to stop being a parent for a while. I was pretty fried. So I got my son ready for his bath and passed the torch. Then I found a great Yogaglo class with Jason Crandell who I have heard a ton about but never taken classes with. He was great. He has a lovely speaking voice and speaks with clarity and ease. It was a lovely class on receptivity. Halfway through the power went out inexplicably and when it came back on I didn't feel like continuing. SOmetimes when I'm wound up, letting it go just doesn't do it for me. I thought it hadn't worked (the yoga, darnnit!) But of course, it did. It always does, just not always right away


Day 13.

46 days. Day 11