Day 28

This morning I went to a class taught by an old teacher and friend, Troy. The classes are in an old building on Capitol Hill where it always smells like delicious food. The Hall was packed with dedicated yogis, so much so that instead of finding a spot in either of the two facing rows, I had to be in front on the stage (it's a dance class room too and may have been an old auditorium. The stage is small and has a permanent couch and maybe some other furniture on it). Luckily! I saw a friend, someone who goes frequently to this class, and he was my guide of sorts. The funny thing about going to a new class, or trying a new style of yoga is that each type of yoga, and studio and sometimes each individual teacher teaches in a particular culture. Of movement and language and etiquette. For example, this class was a riff on the astanga primary series. There were no water bottles falling over, no water at all. I was right by the heat and (I don't have great hearing for lower registers) so couldn't always hear the instruction. Although I'm not unfamiliar with the series of movements, I try to be a respectful student and listen for the cues. But, for example, I missed one (or more) "close your eyes" cues. It immediately brings perspective to what I like to do with my free time when I look around at a group of fit people making strange movements with their eyes closed, together. It also makes me so happy, that by luck or grace I'm involved in a greater community of committed and courageous folks who are interested in awareness to one degree or another.It was hard. Balance was a challenge today and my ankles were on fire. But towards the end, I was feeling physically so light and strong that it was all I could do to not laugh out loud. We are all beings of immense and radiant light, hidden from ourselves and others by the busy-ness of being alive. When I remember what it feels like to breathe and move, I remember how many instances there are that I'm doing something else. And that's ok with me. I was thinking the other day about what advice I would give myself now from a future older-and-wiser me. It was something like, don't worry so much. I'm really doing the best I can. And I'm ok with that. Peace, W


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