Coming out as Anti-Racist - awkward working title

Coming out as Anti-Racist - awkward working title

photo by Bryan Fernandez

To Move and Awaken Will Be De-Centering Whiteness.

I’ve always had something to shout about, and I’m going to be sharing in a different way from now on. De-centering whiteness is an idea that I’ve come across lately that means to see "normal" as something other than white. In general, if race is not specified, it means it’s white. Same for so many things. Whiteness as “normal” is what supports the continued growth and efficacy of white supremacy, so I’m gonna work to write, speak, see and act in a way that makes space for POC.

Whiteness as “normal” is just not true.

I am a movement coach and intuitive healer in the business of waking people up. Waking up is not a beautiful thing. Sure, it is sometimes! It’s wonder-filled and heart stopping and also is the knife that opens us in places we never knew were wounded. Dealing with our shit is a spiritual process. It has to do with your heart, your body and your soul all together. If I don’t talk about race and oppression as a part of waking up your body to feeling and being present in modern USA, I am not doing my job.

If you live in a body that holds the stories of centuries of unworthiness, oppression, violence, this is not new. I’m sorry it took me this long to listen.

Movement for me is about embodying Love and becoming whole. You can’t become whole if you are not looking at the whole story.

I will continue to work, write, and move around the themes of kindness, wonder and transformation.

I will keep inviting the (mostly) white people I work with into their bodies as a tool for becoming present and capable of staying present through discomfort.

I will continue to explore how to bring more embodied awareness into the world.

I still value the smallness of making movement and self-care a doable daily ritual. But I’m not going to be silent on issue of race and oppression anymore. Most of the people who read this will be white. I’m not pulling any punches AND I am still and forever working in service of Love and connection. I hope that you stay with me  - for your own healing and the healing of your family, local community, greater community and the world.

My intent is to share my process as openly and vulnerably as possible, while staying in my strength and not making it about me. I’ve had some really good support so far and I look forward to finding more white people who want to dismantle their own racism and more black and brown people who are willing to share their experiences with me.

I’ve never been a very humble person. But this is humbling me low. I have the privilege of opting out of race work at any time. People of color do not. I will stand with you and do my own work so that I can learn to be an ally of the heart, spirit, body and action in the world.

Raising White Boys in a White Supremacist America

Raising White Boys in a White Supremacist America