Do you feel overrun and disconnected from your body?

photo: Jordan Whitt

photo: Jordan Whitt

I'm here to help with that.

I offer movement, yoga and self-care coaching to restore your relationship with yourself. The world needs your wisdom, and your voice needs the strength and everyday support that a healthy body provides.

A healthy body is a body that can move freely.

I will assesses your physical needs and creates a personalized movement regime for growing your confidence, strength and mobility to help you move through the world in a way that nourishes you deeply and allows you to nourish others. 

Rates: package of 6 sessions for $420 paid in 2 installments of $210**

discount of $20 for payment in full on first meeting

Sessions run 45-60 minutes 


**I offer my services at a discounted rate as reparation for PoC. It's not enough, but it is a start. Plz contact me for deets.