Get in your body. Awaken your curiosity. Learn doable self-care.

 photo credit: Geetanjal Khanna

photo credit: Geetanjal Khanna

weekly yoga classes jan-apr 2018

Wednesdays 10-11am Yoga 1 & 2

Sundays 8:30-9:50am Mixed Level

Yoga 1&2: This class moves and is for the fit beginner or the seasoned practitioner. We do yogahour sequences designed to make the doable difficult and the difficult doable. I will guide you expertly through a wide range of asana in just under an hour, always ending with savasana

Mixed Level: In this class, you will learn foundational alignment in asana and ways to move and breathe to enable transformation both on and off the mat. Move your body to support the life you want to live. Everyone welcome!

all yoga classes are held at the Yoga Loft, Olympia, WA